Temperature Sense + Charge Brake
GPSC series chargers have a battery temperature sensor input to protect batteries from damage and provide access to superior temperature aware charge profiles.  An onboard Charge Break function prevents equipment misuse during charging cycles.
Intelligent Package Design
Made for heavy duty applications where long life and ruggedness are required, the GPSC series housing provides IP66 ingress protection to enable high pressure spray washing.
Charge Records and Custom Profiles
A sealed USB port provides years of detailed charge profile downloads to assure proper charger use in all conditions.  The same USP port enables upload of custom charge profiles to assure optimal performance.
Transient Voltage Protection
Unstable or dangerously high AC voltage input levels cause the GPXC charger to go into self-protection mode. The charger automatically returns to normal operation when input AC voltage returns to 85V-265V.  This advanced feature enables GPXC chargers to survive and function in electrically harsh environments that permanently damage less well-designed products.  

Highly Efficient Heat Sink An ultra-strong cast aluminum housing provides efficient 360 degree heat dissipation in all weather conditions. Easily cleaned fins enable flawless heat sink operation in the harshest environments.
Product Cross Reference

GPXC series are suitable for different kind of Industrial EVs.

Mechine Type
Scissor Lift

Electric Washing Machine

Electric Folk-Lift
24V 30A
GPD* chargers provide automatic and periodic battery equalization to further improve battery life, performance and value.GPD* designs a broad range of advanced battery charger products for lead acid, Li-ion, and other battery chemistries.  All chargers are tested and approved by battery OEMs to assure best-in-class performance.
With four stage charging starting with 3V recovery, advanced charge cycle termination methods like 110+/-2% dV/dT and safe time lock, and battery-life-enhancing functions like periodic equalization, GPD* chargers provide the precision GPD* clients require to improve battery value and performance.

Usage Record and Easy Customization

USB Port Enables Two Unique Functions

1. Detailed charging records downloaded by inserting a blank USB drive

2. Simple and powerful custom charge profile updates completed in seconds

Charging Advanced Li-ion Batteries
GPD* chargers have state-of-the-art technology for real-time wireless and CANBUS Li-ion battery charge management using the GPD* battery management system. This advanced technology enables safe and optimal battery management using temperature, current and voltage control inputs.
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