Battery Protection Y-Hub continuously monitors battery system voltage, current, temp, SOC and SOH. Y-Hub protects batteries and equipment owners from improper use like excessive deep discharges and incomplete charging. The result is more reliable equipment runtime and improved battery life.
APP Connectivity
Low Power Bluetooth and a smart phone APP allows users to retrieve data and manage settings.

More than a Data Logger
Y-Hub uses voltage, current, temperature measurements to calculate internal resistance, SOC and SOH. All results are stored within the Y-hub and communicated to the Y-System automatically.

Many Application
Y-Y-hub supports battery voltages from 6V-85V and a full range of Lead Acid and Lithium-ion battery technologies.
Y-Hub’s industrial CANBUS enables two way connectivity with any CANBUS device including vehicle controllers and GPD chargers.
All-in-one Design
Embedded current sensor, load tester, on-board memory, and connectivity in a water proof “all-in-one” design makes Y-hub full feature installation simple and easy.

Global Cellular
Y-hub cellular feature with 2G to 4G connectivity makes
Y-System access to all Y-hubs possible from anywhere in the world.
Battery Monitoring
Y-HUB System

Y-HUB Feature


1.  Battery Monitoring

 • SOC
 • SOH
 • Voltage
 • Current
 • Internal Resistance*
 • Battery Setting

2.  Charger Status

3.  LED Indication

4.  Range Positioning



iOS/Android APP
Proximity Search
Status Display
Usage History
Error/Warning Message
Control Setting
Firmware Update

Power Management

System Website


Charger and Hub Status Display
AWP Positioning Display
Charger and Battery Usage Report
Error and Warning Message Notification
Firmware Upload

Installation on GPSC Charger
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