About GPD*

GPD* (Green Power Design) Astri Limited is a vertically integrated design, production,
technical support and after-sales service enterprise. With core values of “Innovation,
Honestly, High Quality and Customer Satisfaction” and more than 30 years of power
supply manufacturing experience, GPD* strives to advance our position as an industry
leader in technological innovation.
The GPD* engineering and marketing teams are proud of our accomplishments
in the areas of world-class manufacturing process control, quality, advanced
management systems, and proven application value that have collectively
earned the respect and repeat business of our valued customers.
The future of competitiveness and value-through-innovation is bright for
GPD* and our customers. We welcome innovative challenges and the
opportunity to continue to design, manufacture, and support the most efficient,
reliable, and cost-effective electric vehicle and industrial equipment power
management solutions in the world.
China Office
Shenzhen – Aricharge Technology Co. Ltd.

1801, Tower B, Excellence City Phase 2,
Zhongkang Road, Futian District, Shenzhen.
Contact: +86 0755 23999582
Global Contact: sales@gpowerdesign.com
Global Headquarter
Hong Kong – Green Power Design Astri Limited
Contact: + 852 26900594

China Factory
Dongguan– Green Power Electronic Co. Ltd.
HuangJiang Town, DongGuan Contact: +86 769 82260919
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Global Headquarters - Hong Kong
Green Power Design Astri Limited
China Office – Shenzhen
Aricharge Technology Co. Ltd.
Tel:      +86 0755 23999582
Email:  sales@gpowerdesign.com

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